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Fat Loss Red Bull
(energy boost your fat loss results)

by Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri, CSCS, HFS
Neuro Metabolic Fat Loss Expert

The best way to energy boost your workouts is to supercharge them by involving more energy systems. You have 3 - we've spoken about this in the first video I sent you, but as a review, they are:

  1. ATP-PC (adenosine tri-phosphate phosphocarbonate) - this is your 0-2 second energy
  2. Anaerobic (without oxygen, consumes sugar) - this is your 2-60 second energy
  3. Aerobic (oxygen consuming) - this is your 60 second and beyond energy

...and here's the first video, in case you missed it:

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Let's take a strong look at exactly what Energy System Training is, why it can boost your results, and how you can start implementing it right now.

Energy System Training (EST) is about doing your first rep in an explosive way, going as hard as you can, and having your exercise set last greater than 60 seconds. This way, you involve ATP-PC with the explosive rep in the first two seconds, then you challenge your anaerobic system for the next fifty-eight seconds, and you work into your aerobic energy system after your sixty second marker.

Here's the thing...

  • When you train your ATP-PC system, you need to allow at least 4 minutes rest before challenging it again, even though it only takes a couple of seconds to happen.
  • When you train your anaerobic energy system to capacity, you need to allow at least 2-4 minutes rest in order for it to recover properly.
  • When you train your aerobic system, you should be training for heart rate recovery to take place in 60-120 seconds, if at all possible. Naturally, extend rest if you haven't recovered.

This is the reason that DEFL is built upon 2 minute giant sets. Each giant set takes about 2-2.5 minutes to do, and there are 4 of them per workout + a 15-20 minute interval-based warm up. In total, each workout takes about 35-45 minutes, but you are able to deplete all three energy systems completely in that time.

Here is sample Giant Set from DEFL that will show exactly what I'm talking about:

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When truly challenging yourself to lose fat as quickly as possible, it's important to have a strategy. I'm teaching you this strategy... and it's your job to empower yourself and attain your goals. I'm here for you, and we're going to do this together.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a detailed video on the
Triple M System For Rapid Fat Loss (TM) - you're going to love it!

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