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Option #1 — Double Edged Fat Loss + 30 Days to Evaluate
the Double Edged Fat Loss Inner Circle

(no additional cost — Still Just $147 — Cancel anytime)

With Option 1, you will receive 30 Days to Evaluate and "Think Over" A heavily discounted membership to the Double Edged Fat Loss Inner Circle in which I’ll design TWO brand new workouts for you each week for as long as you’re a member (actual cost per workout is less than $3.75) — this is in addition to the Lifetime Access you already receive to the 8 Neuro Fat Loss Workouts and the full 13-module Education Center and all the other bonuses included with your Double Edged Fat Loss purchase.

Option #2— Just Double Edged Fat Loss - Life Time Membership Only

(No Inner Circle Trial)

With Option 2, you receive Lifetime Access to the Entire Double Edged Fat Loss System, but you decline the 30 Day Free Trial of the Inner Circle.

By choosing Option #2, you are saying "Yes, I want the Double Edged Fat Loss System, but I do not wish to try the Inner Circle at this time. I understand that should I wish to join the inner circle at a later time, it will not be at the discounted monthly cost and I won’t have the opportunity to evaluate it for a full 30 days for free, but I’m cool with that."

Membership to the Double Edged Fat Loss Inner Circle Includes:

2 BRAND NEW Fat Loss Workouts Every Single Week!
Fat Loss Workout

As a Double Edged Fat Loss Inner Circle Member, I'm going to build not one, but two BRAND NEW fat loss workouts for you every single week (each is repeated twice for a total of 4 weekly workouts). And we're not talking random workouts here — these are specific workouts that are strategically developed to build on the workouts you did previously, and to set you up for optimal success week after week after week.

Exercise Video

Amazing Variety. Long-term coaching. Brand new workouts each week. Incredible results.

That's what the Doubled Edged Fat Loss Inner Circle is all about.

DEFL 2.0 Inner Circle Build Your Own Workouts Workbooks
Fat Loss Workout

Like with most anything else you've learned, it helps to have the answers in the back of the book for reference. In your first 8 weeks in the Inner Circle, I'm going to give you a 'Build Your Own Workouts Workbooks,' where it's fill-in-the-blank style and you can actually choose your own exercises and learn program design in a hands-on way. Naturally, you'll also have the workouts I built for you to reference if you run into a jam, but by the time you're finished with Week 12, you will have already had an opportunity to build 16 of your very own workouts with the professional guidance designed in this workbook.

And, yes, you get access to this right away, just for taking me up on a FREE Trial to the Inner Circle and choosing Option 1 below...

Continued Access To The Downloadable Version Of 800+ Custom Exercise Videos (and growing) + Workout Logs:
Workout Logs
  • Again, to become a charter member of the Double Edged Fat Loss Inner Circle, you will be billed $29.95/month, for as long as you stay in the circle. This is an unbelievable value for:
  • 2 custom workouts per week
  • Continued access to downloadable exercise video database of over 800 + exercise videos so you’ll never get bored again!
  • Direct access to Dr. K (with continued video response to your questions)
Pain Prevention Videos
Pain Prevention Videos

Learn what the most common injuries are, how to avoid them, and how to build rehabilitative exercises into your workouts so you don’t lose a second of your precious fat loss time.

Joints included:

  • Neck
  • Shoulder
  • Elbow
  • Wrist/Hand
  • Low Back
  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Ankle
Ankle Injury Video Back Injury Video Elbow Injury Video Hip Injury Video Knee Injury Video Neck Injury Video Shoulder Injury Video Wrist Injury Video

You will build strong, healthy joints (and you’ll enjoy moving like a kid again, free of restriction and fully mobile in all directions)

Note: This is the closest you can get to working directly with me in person. I currently charge between $140—$280 per hour, depending on the service, in person. For just $29.95/month, you can have full access to ask me questions, have me help you modify workouts, etc.

If after the 30 day evaluation period you’d like to continue having me build your workouts, simply do nothing and you’ll continue as a member at the charter rate of just $29.95 per month.

If, however, you’d like to cancel you Inner Circle membership, simply email us at support[at]DrKareem[dot]com at any time during the first 30 days and you will never be billed again. You will still have access to the initial 8 Double Edged Fat Loss workouts and the full education center for life, even if you cancel! You are never locked in and you may cancel your Inner Circle membership at any time to avoid future billing.

By choosing Option #1, you are saying "Yes, I want to pay the same amount today — just $147 — and also get 30 Days to Evaluate and ’Think Over’ the heavily discounted Inner Circle Membership, where all the cool kids hang out, at no additional cost. I understand that if I am unsatisfied in any way, I can cancel the Inner Circle Membership ANYTIME during the 30 Day trial and never be billed again--ever."

Choose the Double Edged Fat Loss
Option that is best for you below!

Option 1

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